8 Comments on “The Rise of Wickedness”

    1. Hey Shomari, we are happy that you love the new media page and we love you as well! Thanks so much for the feedback. What do you think about the message that you just heard?

    2. You know, sometimes, I hate listening to the messages (hear me out, lol) because I know I’m bout to get spanked!!!! I know The Lord bout to cut into me every time I get ready to listen to it. Half of the time I got to pause it just to let it sink in first, because I always get something out of it no matter what the topic is. Something that is just for me! So it takes me a couple days to go thru one message usually.

      In all seriousness, the content is so down to Earth and spirit filled it’s unreal. I’ve shared the fasting series with a few people and then they randomly texted me and started doing their own 3 day fast (people who never did one before…ever!). It’s wonderful to share my church with people and it inspires them to want to take action and experience Yaweh and Yeshua for themselves. To know that what we believe is real. I thank God that my daughter and I are connected. And we AINT GOING NO WHERE!

      To answer your question: I think the message is great because it’s letting us know by the spirit that God isn’t playing any games. He is helping us understand our enemy so we can fight this fight correctly and overcome the powers of the dark-side of the force. But we have to be in position and armed to the teeth by living according to his standard for our light to be bright enough to destroy the darkness in the world and in the hearts of man.

      1. Lol, well you know scriptures says, God chastise those He loves. He will make sure we are ready to stop the enemy in our lives and others. We are happy you are not going anywhere and we are not going anywhere either. Always happy to serve our members at Lionheart. Thank you for your comments and engagement!

  1. Yup, I’ll take that whoopin. It’s all good.

    The honor is mine. Grace and Peace to you.

    We’ll be moving there very shortly. It’s already in play. See ya soon! Ha!

    1. You already know, we are welcoming you with open arms and huge smiles! See you soon, can’t wait!

  2. So good! I am thankful to God that I can remain connected through the website! It can tough away from home because I am not there to attend church, but it’s like being there when I listen…the only thing is I wish I could see sometimes what you’re doing when speaking, Pastor, but I can imagine. 🙂

    Thanks so much for posting it all!

    1. Thank you for sharing LaToya. It’s by God’s grace that we are able to post our messages online. We understand schedules are often tough, and we appreciate you being a faithful listener those days when service is held and you have to be away. Do continue to stay connected!

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