4 Comments on “New Year’s Part 2 – The Power Of The Anointing Oil”

  1. The occult did take it over. I was having issues and went to a herb shop and she recommended protection oil. A month later I joined Lionheart and knew that was to go in the bag with the rest of the occult crap.
    Thank you! Tears in my eyes someone finally broke this down! Praise God.

    1. The Lord sees your tears Jami. Sometimes it’s easy to be deceived that this world has the remedy for the challenges we face, but praise God for opening our eyes. Awesome testimony!

    1. Hello Priscilla – We are not mailing anointing oil. If you follow the message, you can purchase some 100% pure olive oil and pray God’s blessings over the oil. By your believing in the power of God’s impartation, the oil will be anointing oil.

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